7-6-1 Training Manual on PA CoManagement

7-6-2 Rural livelihoods and Protected landscapes

7-6-3 Proceedings CMO Congress 2012

7-6-4 First Forestry Congress Book Proceedings

7-6-5 First Forest Congress Book Abstracts

7-6-6 Lessons learned Where Poverty and People Intersects

7-6-7 Making Conservation Work-Book


Book(very compressed)Final

Proceedings_First Bangladesh Forestry Congress-2


LL Where Poverty and People Intersects

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Acronyms & Glossary

Ch-1 (inroduction)

Ch-2 (the conservation context in 2003)

Ch-3 (Genisis of the Nishorgo Forest Co-management)

Ch-4(Development of the Collaboration)

Ch-5 (The pace, nature and Logic)

Ch-6 (Assessing the capacity)

Ch-7 (management plans and)

Ch-8 (Monitoring Change and Impact)

Ch-9 (remote sensing)

Ch-10 (using indicator)

Ch-11 (Policy & legal framework)

Ch-12 (Approach to stimulation)

Ch-13 (Incentives for community)

Ch-14 (Nature tourism)

Ch-15 (Value Addition)

Ch-16 (Carbon Sink Project)

Ch-17 (Enhancing Access)

Ch-18(Energy use)

Ch-19 (Institutional Capacity Dev)

Ch-20 (Applied research)

Ch-21 (Architectural Design)

Ch-22 (Presenting interpretive)

Ch-23 (Communication Tools)

Ch-24 (Public-Private Partnerships)

Ch-25 (Perspective on paricipatory)

Ch-26 (Re visiting the context)

Ch-27 (Conclutions)