1-20-3 LDF Grants Closing report-Final

2-6-3 LDF Handout

2-6-4 LDF Module4-4 Vision 2010 6feb05

4-5 Linking NSP and Forestry Sector Project

4-6 Linking NSP and Forestry Sector Project – Brief

4-12 Consultancy Report for proj. visit by Bob- Feb 23

4-13 General_Observations_1st_Report2

4-14 history nishorgo launch1

4-15 Nishorgo Closeout 13nov08 ver2

4-16 NSP_Project Completion Report

7-1 Concept Note on Introducing Elephant Hiking at Teknaf Game Reserve

7-2 Guideline for Elephant Ride Enterprise-LNP-Tarek

7-3 Follow Up Report on Elephant Hiking at Chunati Wildlife Sanctuary

7-4 Infrastructure Design Concept for Eco Lodge_Asif

7-6 Pre-Assessment of Enterprise Development Opportunities

7-7 The role of Alternative Income Generation_AIG_ Strategy Nishorgo 1may06

7-8 Community Petrolling is a timely step (Bangla)

7-9 Planning for inputs to PA Facilities, visitor amenities-Rashid

7-11 Institutional Capacity Assessment of Forest Department

7-12 Rapid Rural Appraisal (RRA) Planning_Issues Strategy & Protocol

7-13 final_Socio-econmic survey report NSP_shawkat_hossain

7-15 biodiversity protection through community initiatives

7-16 Measuring Protocol & Results for Core Indicators Report Y3

7-18 list of local Governance and Social Development Literature

7-19 Status of Data Bases at RIMS

7-20 Assessment of Conservation Values_CWS

7-21 Co-Management of Protected Areas in South Asia

7-22 Designing a Co-management Model

7-23 Landscape Definition and Application


7-25 note on the role of Tea Estates and Tea Estate Laborers in Relation to Nishorgo Support Project Co-management Objectives

7-26 Mitigation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions_CWS_17Jan08

7-27 Managing Demand for PA in Bangladesh-Poverty Alleviation-Roy and DeCosse-IUCN

7-28 Follow Up Report on Teknaf Awareness Week

7-29 Article on Success of Co-Management Committees by PA Management _in Bangla

7-30 Recent Steps towards PA in Bangladesh-George Taylor

7-31 The NSP and Scouts_ possible areas of collaboration

7-32 Poverty, Corruption and other Challenges -DeCosse and Huda from Field IUCN

7-33 cry of the forest

7-34 Asian Experience in PAs Co-Mgmt-McCauley Palit_13oct03

7-35 Nishorgo conservation partnership-Attracting Pvt. Sector

7-36 Inani Protected Forest Area Co-Management-Project Proposal to Arannayk Foundation ver7

7-37 SOAR Approach Participatory PA Mgmt

7-38 Concept paper for use in requesting PDF-A under GEF

7-39 Bam_Report_khairu

7-40 Chunoti Interpretive plan

7-41 Lawachara interpretation plan

7-42 Satchari Interpretive plan


7-44 Review_of_Issues&Options_for_the_Sustainable_Financing_of_PA Mngmt

7-45 buffer plantation site selection_cws_tgr

7-46 Nishorgo Report on nature Based Tourism -Final

7-47 Roundtable Meeting at Radisson_12feb10

7-48 Ten Learnings from Nishorgo Project