2-1-1 Module on Bamboo Value Chain-OASIS Bangla

2-1-2 Training Module_Co-management Plan Development

2-1-3 Training Manuals and Materials on Applied Conservation Biology and Co-management

2-1-4 IPAC_training_Value_chain_and_enterprize_design June 2009

2-1-4-17 Embedded Services Paper Anderson

2-1-4-18 Learning from Global Buyers

2-1-4-19 Business Services in Weaker Markets

2-1-4-20 Making Markets Work for the Poor

2-1-4-21 Middlemen as Agents of Change

2-1-4-22 PACA Methodology

2-1-4-23 Performance Measurement Frameworks

2-1-4-24 Promoting Clusters UNIDO 1

2-1-4-25 AFE Embedded Solutions Ghana Report

2-1-4-26 AFE Approach Paper March 04

2-1-4-27 AFE Embedded Solutions Presentation pdf

2-1-4-28 Value Chain Selection Handout

2-1-4-29 Promoting Clusters UNIDO 2

2-1-4-30 Voucher Programs Manual

2-1-4-31 FAO Supermarket paper Shepard

2-1-4-32 Tourism Assessment Model

2-1-4-33 Upgrading Clusters and Value Chains

2-1-4-34 AFE Useful Principles for Market Development _ Oct. 06

2-1-4-35 CBI Vegetable Export Manual

2-1-4-36 India Poultry VC Analysis (summary for dist)

2-1-4-37 India Organic Ag Products VCA-FINAL

2-1-4-38 Voucher Paper

2-1-4-39 Approaches-Linking Producers to Markets

2-1-5 Annex Bangla

2-1-5 Module on GPS & its use in Forestry

2-1-6 Training Module on Environmently Friendly Eco-Tourism for Guides Bangla

2-1-8 Toolkit for CoManagement Org Facilitators

2-1-9 Co-Management & Nishorgo Network Orientation Course Material Bangla

2-1-10 Carbon Inventory manual 2010 Bangla

2-1-11 NN_Nishorgo_shohayak_Training_Materials Bangla

2-1-12 Module developed entitled ‘Open-Water Fisheries Recourses Management’Bangla

2-1-13 Training Manual and Materials for CPG Members Bangla

2-1-14 Training Module Homestead Vegetable Cultivation Bangla

2-1-15 CMC Training Manual & Materials Bangla

2-1-16 Flip Chart and Training Manual on ‘Rights and Responsibilities of the Forest and Wetland Dependents’Bangla

2-1-17 Refresher Training Course for Sustainable CMOs Bangla

2-1-18 Training Manual on Grants and Financial Management Training for CMOs

2-1-19 Training Manual on Natural Resources CoManagement and Wetland Conservation

2-1-20 Training Manual on PA Co-management for Biodiversity Conservation Bangla

2-1-21 Training Manual on PA CoManagement