Inani (Reserve Forest)

Inani (Reserve Forest)

This is a semi-tropical evergreen type reserved forest, in south-east part of the country. About 7,700 ha of this forest reserve is proposed to be declared as a national park. A Co-Management organizations is developed in Inani range on 20 October 2010.

Area: 8161.69 hectares
Geographical location: Inani is located about 22 km south of Cox’s Bazar town (21o13.968′ N and 92o 03.054′ E) between Himchari National Park in the north and Teknaf Wildlife Sanctuary in the south.

Forest administrative location

Division: Cox’s Bazar South Forest Division
Range: Inani, Ukhia
Beat: Jalia Palong, Inani, Raja Palong and Swankhali of Inani range and Ukhiya, Dochari, Thaingkhali and Musarkula of Ukhiya Range

Civil administrative location

District: Cox’s Bazar
Upazila: Ukhia

History of establishment: Inani is a protected forest area and recently FD developed an initial proposal to declare Inani range as a national park covering an area of 7248 hectares.
Forest type: Evergreen and semi-evergreen tropical natural forest with secondary plantation
Accessibility & visitor infrastructure: Through the marine drive from Cox’s Bazar. Another road running from Koat Bazar of Teknaf Cox’s Bazar Road. Visitors also have access to come from Teknaf through the marine drive. Forest rest house and private hotels are available for accommodation.

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