The First Bangladesh Forestry Congres

The First Bangladesh Forestry Congress 2011
19-21 April 2011
Bangladesh Forest Department, Dhaka, Bangladesh

The first Bangladesh Forestry Congress took place during 19-21 April 2011 at Dhaka, Bangladesh with the congress theme “Forestry for better living”. The forestry congress envisages bring together all the stakeholders involved in forest conservation and development in order to document the lessons learned which can be useful in future planning of forest and biodiversity conservation management and research. The Forestry Congress also creates exposure of stakeholders to share their experiences on opportunities and challenges in the field of forest and biodiversity conservation and development.

Bangladesh Forest Department under the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF), USAID, UNDP, GIZ and IUCN jointly hosted this event whereby eminent scientists, academia, professionals and NGO activities contributed in the congress. The proceedings of the first Bangladesh Forestry Congress 2011 contain 40 papers under seven themes.
You can download papers from corresponding themes while the introductory document has the TOC of the papers by themes.
Introduction, with forewords, messages and table of contents Download Size: 594.52 KB
Theme 7: Sustainable forest management and resource utilization Download Size: 1.61 MB
Theme 5: Research and education focusing on resource assessment, carbon inventory, collaborative and Download Size: 2.55 MB
Theme 4: Mangroves and coastal land/forest management for long-term resource sustainability Download Size: 3.48 MB
Theme 3: Trans-boundary issues in forest ecosystems and biodiversity conservation including human an Download Size: 805.45 KB
Theme 2: Collaborative Management of protected areas and community based conservation of forests and Download Size: 6.87 MB
Theme 1: Forest and climate change focusing on adaptation, mitigation and REDD+ Download Size: 940.77 KB