Eco-tourism in IPAC working sites already exists on a limited basis and is capable of providing an important alternative source of income for the local communities and the Forest Department. The goal is for eco-tourism to continue generating funds for conservation of the Protected Areas, create new jobs and enterprises among the local population, and promote a sense of pride in the knowledge of biodiversity, local history, and the areas ongoing traditions.
To accomplish this greater awareness of what environmentally responsible tourism means needs to be generated among local visitors, communities, service providers and to a lesser extent international tourists.
Generally it is said that tourism in Bangladesh suffers from a poor image, however eco-tourism on the other hand has achieved high positive ratings, and is seen by many as an up-and-coming industry. In its present stage the eco-tourism industry is just beginning, with promise. IPAC intends to strengthen the eco-tourism value chain in areas which support and conserve the Protected Areas and improve the livelihoods of local populations. IPAC develops a national level eco-guide network of engaging youth who participate in new career opportunities made available to them, facilitates eco-cottages with local entrepreneurs, and maintains new trails of protected areas by networking with tour and hotel operators as well as the Government of Bangladesh. IPAC believes that through eco-tourism value chain development new opportunities will arise and thrive for both the community people and the environments sustained recovery.

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Lawachara NP
Satchari NP
Rema-Kalenga WS
Khadimnagar NP
Hail Haor
Tanguor Haor - ECA/RS
Hakaluki Haor ECA
Modhupur NP
Bhawal NP
Teknaf WS
Teknaf Peninsula -ECA
Chunati WS
Fasiakhali WS
Medha Kachapia NP
Himchari NP
Inani - Forest Reserve
Sita-kunda Eco-park
Kaptai NP
Dudpukuria WS
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Chunati Wildlife Sanctuary
Dudpukurea-Dhophachari Wildlife Sanctuary
Fasiakhali Wildlife Sanctuary
Himchari National Park
Inani National Park
Kaptai National Park
Khadimnagar National Park
Lawachara National Park
Medhkachapia National Park
Rema-Kalenga Wildlife Sanctuary
Satchari National Park
Sundarban East Wildlife Sanctuary
Sundarban West Wildlife Sanctuary
Teknaf Wildlife Sanctuary